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Highly likely to recommend

“Lucas was extremely accommodative, patient and knowledgeable about the home buying process. He was so helpful in guiding us through the process that it made us feel at ease. He was always positive and upbeat which rubbed off on us well. He has great professionalism and willing to walk you through whichever concerns you may have. Thank you for helping us buy a new home. Highly recommended!”

Elmwood Park, NJ

“Lucas was a wonderful agent who guided me through this unsteady market and got me my dream home. He was always available for any issue that came up and went well above and beyond to assist on any issues that came up. I would definitely recommend his service for all vets looking into buying a home.”

Clifton, NJ

Highly likely to recommend

“Where should I begin? First and foremost I would like thank God for my home and for linking Lucas and I together. Thank God for you, Lucas. I would like to thank you for your patience, persistence, perseverance, prayers, and professionalism. Thank you for being kind and being available when needed. Lucas will go above and beyond until you find your ideal home. Being a Veteran and using the Va home loan I did not think it would take that long for me to secure my home. We started looking for my home during the time of the pandemic so in the beginning there wasn’t much options, but when the market begin to open up, my offers kept getting denied. At times I cried and at times I would get a little discouraged. With God and Lucas by my side I was able to find strength to continue my search for my ideal home. After being turned down on my soon to be home we got a call that said they wanted to offer us the property. My family and I are looking to spend the holidays in my new home.”

Rahway, NJ

Highly likely to recommend

“From the moment I met Lucas he demonstrated that he was very knowledgeable and understanding with the home buying process. I must admit I was not the easiest client. We looked at so many houses and my schedule was very limited since I could only house hunt on weekdays after work. Yet there was Lucas adjusting his schedule to accommodate me and give me the best experience when it came to purchasing a home for my family. He was honest, helpful, and at the end I was so grateful he was the one guiding me through the process.”

Mount Olive NJ

Highly likely to recommend

“Buying a home in general is stressful, throw in a national pandemic and it’s even worse. Lucas walked us through the buying process in an impossible situation, he kept us grounded and calm (which is not easy for me in general). He was so professional and on the ball for every twist and turn we encountered. I cannot say enough good things about him. We not only got our dream home, but made a friend out of him for life. I could not recommend more strongly. He knows the market, the entire buying process, but he makes it relaxing and easy. He is an incredible agent and extremely talented. I’m so happy we met him, at the risk of sounding cheesy he made our dreams come true.”

New Milford, NJ

Highly likely to recommend

“Lucas, it was such a pleasure to work with you from beginning to end. You truly made this process so much easier by providing us all of the information we requested in a timely fashion. You gave us the confidence that we needed to overcome any and every obstacle that we could’ve encountered throughout. Not to mention, Your availability truly made a substantial difference and played a major roll. I would not go through this process again without you, as you have gotten the opportunity to understand and enhance our needs. Thank you!”

Garfield, NJ

“Lucas went above and beyond to make sure that the process of selling our home as seamless as possible, which was particularly laudable considering it was during COVID 19 pandemic. He was extremely responsive to our needs and supported us through every step of the process, we would have no reservations to recommending him to others. He is gracious person with integrity"”

Bergenfield, NJ

Highly likely to recommend

“Lucas was knowledgeable and made our home purchase very comfortable. His professionalism exceeds the standard of what a Realestate agent should be with his clients. My wife and I are delighted with the purchase of our beautiful home.”

Englewood NJ

Highly likely to recommend

“Lucas was an absolute pleasure to work. He was extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and always available. What could've been a stressful process, he made it enjoyable and stress free. He gave his honest opinion on home we viewed which I greatly appreciated. He was very involved in the whole process and answered all my questions, which I had a lot with this being my first home. Lucas is highly recommended. Thank you, Lucas, from the bottom of my heart. I can now watch my kids grow up in my dream home.”

Teaneck, NJ

“Lucas is an amazing real estate agent! We both instantly made a connection from the beginning because we're both Military Veterans. He is knowledgeable about the VA home loan and the overall home-buying process. I was more impressed with how he was able to think on his feet every time we encounter obstacles and each time he skillfully navigated us closer to our home purchase. I highly recommend Lucas as a real estate agent.”

East Orange, NJ



“My home just sold way over asking price in less than a week! The experience I had went over and beyond anything I was expecting. In my opinion, best Realtor to deal with.”