How To Spot The Best Realtors

A bad reputation has preceded Realtors for decades; however, there are many exceptional Realtors who have helped their client’s achieve the dream of homeownership. The Real Estate industry slowly changed its old perception of a shady profession into a respectable one. Realtors join the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and abide by the Code of Ethics, which helps create an honest profession.

I have worked along side, negotiated against, and networked with many Realtors that have far exceeded the standards of the NAR Code of Ethics. In my time in Real Estate, here are 4 attributes that stood out to me:

  • Great communicators.
  • Recognizing a compromise.
  • Warrior-like spirit.
  • Never-ending self improvement.

Great Communicators

I can’t begin to tell you the horror stories I’ve heard from clients, or the first hand experience often fraught with pain throughout the process due to poor communication. Yet, the best Realtors understand the important role communication plays in any type of relationship. Excellent communicators are great with their words, tonality, and body language. The best Realtors skillfully guide their clients through the real estate process, explaining foreseeable obstacles that they may face. They don’t miss a beat. Realtors are constantly engaging with their clients, educating and grooming them for the responsibilities of homeownership.

Recognizing A Compromise

The best Realtors will recognize a compromise is necessary if both parties are not able to come to an agreement. For example, a Realtor has no obligation to give up any portion of their commission, but there is an undeniable distinction, between those who choose to do so and those who choose not to.

In my humblest opinion, it provides insight into the character and values to a Realtor who chooses to compromise a portion of their commission to help their client achieve homeownership. This action demonstrates the lengths he or she is willing to take to make homeownership possible for their client(s). The distinction is clear and speaks volume. Compromises can come in all shapes and forms and not necessarily in monetary value, essentially the objective is to satisfy both the Seller and Buyer for a positive outcome.

Warrior-like Spirit

The best Realtors are tactful, deliberate and thinking 4 steps ahead. They are constantly looking for an edge, an opportunity to continuously place their clients in the best light. Realtors with warrior-like spirit avoid idleness and going with the flow, they are proactive in every way. A Realtor with these fighting instincts can mean the difference between just buying a house, or buying a house with the best contract terms. The key here is to prevent Buyer(s) remorse.

 Never-ending Self Improvement

Exceptional Realtors are constantly improving their systems and processes. They go beyond the threshold, to the unknown, to the uncomfortable places where growth is watered. The best Realtors immerse themselves in the real estate industry. Their knowledge should expand beyond just knowing real estate transactions, but to also the functioning systems of a home, zoning laws & regulations, and things of this nature to further enrich the experiences and services for their client(s).

In conclusion, the best Realtors will already have these four attributes mastered. Who you work with truly does matter and it’s important to take the time to vet Realtors. Do your homework, interview 3-5 Realtors, ask qualifying questions and ask questions that are important to you. The old perception that Realtors are “sleazy salesmen”, or discreditable just simply doesn’t hold true today. There are many people out there with successful stories who enlisted in the services of a Realtor. My advice, find the right Realtor for you and have fun with the process.

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